Highway/Arterial Spectaculars

  • Large format sites (>3m x12m) on main arterial and highways nationally
  • Tremendous impact for your brands on large format sites located along highways and main arterials.
  • Target Market: Provides exposure to higher LSM segment.
  • Size: 36m² and larger

Highway Gantries

  • Gantries towering over the highways in JHB
  • Offers high reach along major highways with high monthly traffic volumes
  • Target Market: Provides exposure to higher LSM segment
  • Size: 4.5m x 18m

PrimeLites (Urban)

  • Primelites are 3m x 6m rotational sites located on main arterials surrounding suburbs and key business and shopping districts
  • Offers location specific targeting i.e. Sandton Business and Shopping District in affluent areas with high reach and frequency.
  • Increased impact through back-illumination
  • Ideal for short-term tactical campaign
  • Flex system allows for quick creative change overs
  • Target Market: Provides exposure to higher LSM segment.
  • Size: 24 hour illuminated 3m x 6m landscape sites.


  • Township and Metro Bhamuza
  • 3mx12m gantries in key towns across South Africa
  • Target Market: Ideal for brands targeting BOP consumers
  • Size: 3m x 12m gantry

Mass Impact

  • Metro Townships
  • Large formats that offer impactful, dominant and cost effective national coverage in key metro townships
  • Target Market: Brands targeting middle income market and BOP consumers
  • Sizes:

    • 3 x 6m (48 sheet billboard)
    • 1.5 x 3m (consumer ads)
    • 1.8 x 6m (store fascias)


Mass Reach

  • Small format sites in key convergence node areas and main exit and entrances to metro and rural townships across South Africa
  • Target Market: Brands targeting middle income market
  • Sizes:

    • 9 x 6m
    • 6 x 4m
    • 7.5 x 5m
    • 3 x 12m (96 sheets)
    • Township gantries
    • Township primelites (3 x 6m)


Our Billboards in Action

M2 West Gantry

Spectacular M2 East

Primelite Grayston Drive