Our Marketing Services and Marketing Intelligence team is responsible for producing market information that provides comprehensive insights on both the global and South African Out-of-Home landscape and audiences. Our high level of analytical insights, which informs sales and growth direction, are achieved by integrating quantitative and qualitative data sources and making use of cutting edge software and the latest technological solutions.

Our excellent reputation is earned through providing our clients with Out-of-Home media solutions which facilitate optimal reach, impact and frequency of their target audiences.  Data is gathered and analysed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity for our clients and informing internal metrics.  Our clients and stakeholders, therefore, have the decided advantage of intelligent targeting that possesses a solid and realistic foundation to support and maximise return on their marketing investments. Our ability to accurately and strategically target our media offering towards key client objectives provides a competitive advantage which optimises marketing and media approaches and drive sales.

Technical analysis techniques

By making use of advanced analysis techniques, we are able to analyse the potential reach of OOH audiences based on a specified target market to optimise effective targeting. Our advanced data and analytic solutions provide a comprehensive view of audience, reach and frequency. The following techniques and data sources are utilised for this purpose:

  • Geo-spatial analysis techniques: Primedia Outdoor is able to deliver layer upon layer of GIS data for all your strategy and planning needs. By making use of Census and Points of Interest source data, geo-spatial analysis techniques are applied, including (1) proximity analysis, (2) media gap analysis, (3) demographic layering techniques, (4) convergence nodes and (5) radial population analysis, in order to size audiences and optimise location based targeting. Due to the fact that Census data is used for analysis, objectivity and representativeness are achieved.
  • WIFI measurements: In order to measure the taxi commuter market, Primedia Outdoor has established a ground-breaking research methodology which makes use of WIFI signals situated within taxi ranks to quantify audiences.

OOH Currency Measurement

The South African Out of Home currency, launched in 2016 is run by a joint industry committee (JIC) known as Out of Home Measurement Council (OMC). It is a national representative audience measurement solution that provides a complete set of standard media metrics: reach, frequency, GRPs, duplication factors, impacts, and cost per thousand (CPT). The static roadside currency project combines two audience data sources, namely (1) satellite-based street level data (big data), and (2) survey-based population travel data which provides the demographic and additional profile information to the satellite data.

This is comparable to other media and provides an OOH rating with audience figures per OOH site per week, replacing traffic counts. The research is available through mapping software with which you can locate every single billboard, with orientation, audience estimation, GPS data, impact, profile, and demographics.

Other audience measurements

Standard and semi-standard tools (AMPS, RAMS, TAMS and Ad Dynamix) are utilised to evaluate the level of success TV and radio campaigns reach the intended audiences and to understand whether and where an outdoor up weigh may be required. This also enables Primedia to measure cross media channel efficiencies which enables the benchmarking and negotiation of costs based on potential reach and CPT. Due to the national representativeness of the sampling methodology as well as being standardised measurements, objectivity is ascertain.

Customised campaign evaluations

In addition, we have also partnered with specialised research agencies in order to assess successfulness of client campaigns. By measuring campaign impact of clients’ OOH platforms we are able to understand audience reactions to OOH campaigns for a holistic and integrated understanding to optimise reach and maximize client future return on investment. By outsourcing campaign evaluations to independent research agencies, we are ensured that all data is collected in an unbiased manner.