Exterior Billboards

  • Exterior billboards are located in key sites around the mall and are typically either road facing or look out onto busy open parking areas. They are large format, impactful sites and are an early messaging medium upon entering the mall or provide an opportunity to engage potential shoppers driving past.

Parkade Booms

  • Parkade booms are the first point of contact on entering the mall and the last message on exiting. They are a cost effective medium and can be used for clever, tactical messaging.
Parkade Booms

Parkade Billboards

  • Parkade billboards are the first high-impact messaging sites upon entering the mall. They are bold and impactful and as the parkade areas are void of other communication clutter, they allow you to have exclusive dominance of messaging in these areas.

Digi Navs

  • Digi Navs are strategically positioned in key convergence points and entrances throughout the mall, offering wide coverage (as they are sold as a single package throughout the mall) in direct line of site. They are fully interactive and the digital format, which allows for video and animated messaging, is both cost effective and attention grabbing.

Static Navs

  • Static Navs form the back of the Digi Navs, which are located in key convergence points and entrances throughout the mall. Being in the form of a lightbox, they offer vibrant, clear and impactful messaging and can provide wide reach and high frequency exposures.

Hanging Banners

  • Hanging banners offer walkway or area message dominance through high impact repetition. They provide targeted placement and bold communication in shoppers’ direct line of sight.


  • Escalators are a unique static format that deliver message dominance at tactical sites within the mall. They provide high impact and had the highest message recall rate in the GIBS Shopper Behaviour Study in 2013.

Interior Billboards

  • Located at strategic sites for maximum visibility and effectiveness, our interior billboards provide targeted messaging at impactful sizes. These static sites are bold and striking, offering area dominance and critical support to reinforce campaign messaging.

Lift Banners

  • Lift banners are typically located in key convergence voids within the mall and form part of a signature package. They provide an opportunity for clever, tactical messaging and the large, but unusual format, is highly impactful and attention grabbing.

Lift Doors

  • Lift doors provide advertisers with the opportunity for clever, tactical communication at targeted audiences (eg. moms with prams and shoppers with trolleys). They typically have a higher dwell time with a captive audience.

Hanging Cubes

  • Hanging cubes are an eye-catching medium that are located in selected voids to make the most effective use of the space. They are highly impactful and disruptive and are able to cut through the clutter with their visual uniqueness.

Digi Icons

  • Digi Icons are strategically positioned in high footfall areas throughout the mall, offering wide coverage, in direct line of site. The digital format, which allows for video and fully animated messaging is both cost effective and attention grabbing.

Digital Impact

  • Our Digital Impact sites are carefully selected and thoughtfully positioned within the mall. They offer high impact and dominance at these key sites and the digital format, which allows for quicker turnaround times and creative flexibility, is highly attention grabbing and engaging.